AJ Collins


Favorite place you have recently traveled?

Nicaragua! It is a perfect place to escape the surf city, school, and the cold.

Worst wipeout?

Shish-Go-Bobs, Cloudbreak, Tavarua. Not the friendliest foam balls, or coral heads.

Favorite thing to do other than surfing?

Tennis, Guitar, Euc, Art, getting lost in time.

Favorite board and dimensions you are riding right now?

“butter” by Mark Pesce. 5′6″ x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4

How long can you hold your breath underwater?

No caffeine and in pool= minute and a half. PSYCHED and getting worked= 15 seconds?

Last time you were called a kook?

This morning, for spacing out at a green turn arrow on PCH

First thing you do after a session?

Old Spice deodorant.

Favorite person(s) to surf with?

Chad Towersey, Mikey Beho, Silvana Lima would be interesting as well

Person you have looked up to in surfing?

Chad Wells Represent local gnar, Denise McCrystal

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