Brett Simpson


Date of Birth:

January 5th, 1985

Favorite place you have recently traveled?

Bali i’d have to say! Waves are great and theres plenty of them and the people are cool !

Worst wipeout?

1 foot wave in south africa and i ducked under it and there was no water and i did a scorpion and almost blew my back out!!

Favorite thing to do other than surfing?

Play basketball with all my buddies!

Favorite board and dimensions you are riding right now?

got this 5′10 6 star thats working great over here in brazil, its 19 * 2 3/8

How long can you hold your breath underwater?

I’d have to say at least a minute if im chillin in the pool, but when im getting worked prolly 10 seconds! haha

Last time you were called a kook?

Everyday, one of the boys always gotta cack ya down! haha

First thing you do after a session?

Go eat good food, thats the best!

Favorite person(s) to surf with?

Shaun Ward, Nathaniel Curran, E.T…..

Person you have looked up to in surfing?

Well i have to say Mr. Slater just for what he has done for our sport! Best ever

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