Christian Saenz


Favorite place you have recently traveled?

mexico just hidden and great to get away from the crowds sometimes

Worst wipeout?

I get worked all the time but probaly tavarua the wave was only like 10 ft but just got dragged on my back across the reef

Favorite thing to do other than surfing?

Eat, hang out with my friends, basketball, girlfriend, train

Favorite board and dimensions you are riding right now?

60 18 3/8 2 1/4 timmy patterson surfboard j file

How long can you hold your breath underwater?

not that long hahaha

Last time you were called a kook?

All of us just mess around with each other everyday pretty much

First thing you do after a session?

Go eat or hangout with friends

Favorite person(s) to surf with?

Derek Peters and Colton Larson those guys are so fun to surf with just grew up with them. love surfing with my brother and my Dad still kills it on his day!

Person you have looked up to in surfing?

Andy irons for sure his technique, power, and confidence are amazing

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